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The Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma to locals and visitors with tips and news on events, wineries, restaurants, outdoor activities, and places to stay.

Hosts Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa share their insider stories about the places to check out when you're exploring along the Wine Road.

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Jan 26, 2023

Wine Road Podcast Episode 167
Sponsored by Ron Rubin Winery

Episode 167 | Monique Soltani, Host of Wine Oh! TV

Beth and Monique discuss Monique’s career path, wine, love, loss, parenting and the rediscovery of her joy for connecting with people through the world of wine as she launches a new season of Wine Oh! TV.

Wine of The Day: Alexander Valley Vineyards 2018 Chardonnay
Podcast Sponsor: Ron Rubin Winery


1:04 How Monique got her start in broadcasting and saw an opportunity to create her own show, Wine Oh! TV.

5:45 Wine Oh! TV had early distribution to the streaming services but it was a one-woman show led by Monique.

7:10 Monique’s interest in wine started in New York where she worked restaurants and was exposed to fine wine.

11:30 After a great tragedy, Monique re-grouped and is now launching a new six episode season of Wine Oh! TV with a focus on community and connecting through wine.

15:00 For Monique, connecting is key–wine is the through line for her show.

19:00 The new season is built around three big questions 1.What is the thing to drink in this location? 2.What are you going to eat? 3. What is there to do or what is culturally significant?

21:55 Monique’s favorite spot to go? Northern Sonoma County of course–no kidding!

24:44 Wine of the Day: Alexander Valley Vineyards 2018 Chardonnay.


Wine Oh! TV

Alexander Valley Vineyards

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