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A Biweekly Conversation.

The Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma to locals and visitors with tips and news on events, wineries, restaurants, outdoor activities, and places to stay.

Hosts Marcy Gordon and Beth Costa share their insider stories about the places to check out when you're exploring along the Wine Road.

Thank you to County of Sonoma, Board of Supervisors - District 5 for their support.

Jul 12, 2018

Wine Road Episode 57 - LIVE at Vivino SF HQ In this episode the ladies are on the road chatting all things wine apps with Heini Zachariassen the Founder of Vivino. Vivino is the world’s most popular wine community and most downloaded mobile wine app. Vivino's 30 million users contribute ratings for millions of wines from around the globe, and collectively, this database makes up the largest wine library in the world. Vivino is changing the way people enjoy wine and Beth and Marcy are smitten with this app! 

Wine Road provides the Wine, When and Where of Northern Sonoma County with news on events, wineries, wines, dining options, activities, and places to stay.


Wine Road

Show Notes:

  0:28 Heini Zachariassen - Vivino Founder

  0:55 Vivino app overview

  2:15 How Vivino Evolved 

  5:08 2 million users daily & 20k new users everyday!

  7:02 Core data for the win

  9:00 Growing pains

  9:50 Karen MacNeil input and wine advice

13:00 Wine Regions and Styles

14:10 Flavor Profile soon to release

16:15 Wine Festival - helping tasters remember

17:48 Flute, tulip or coupe?


Heini Zachariassen 


Karen MacNeil and Vivino  


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Threshold Studios Sebastopol, CA.